Thursday 22 June 2017

Summer's Here And The Time Is Right.....

For radiators (OK, and dancing in the street too). Happy Summer everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the weather. Some love it, whilst for others, like my mum, it can get a little much. My take is that I'm never going to moan as its always gone way too fast in our often shady Isle.

Of course, I'm not here to discuss the weather, I want to point out as I have in the title of this post, the time is right. To think about installing new radiators. Traditionally in our game, we get busy between September through to November, depending on whether we have a late summer and people buy half price garden furniture from the sheds in September. Either way, things slow up in December as most generally defer building work until the new year if they haven't started in November.

So we have this small window that everyone wants to cram new radiators installations into. The problems we face are as follows:

Available plumbers: This window is a time when people switch on their heating for the first time to find their boiler has broken down, or a pump has failed. Installers refer to these as distress calls. Plumbers are usually good chaps who have a regular base of clients and will prioritise their workload according to need. We refer installers to our clients often, but during this time, we hand out cards with the caveat that they shouldn't expect a call immediately or that the work can be carried out quickly. Odds are, they'll have a backlog at this time of year. Their workloads are considerably lower in the summer, which mean a quicker response to your call and hopefully a site visit within the week.

Available radiators: Many of our overseas manufacturers close for August, so its imperative that stock orders are placed to arrive in the warehouse before the end of July as there are no shipments in August and we need to have radiators ready to ship early September if required. We are in fact heavily stocked up in July in anticipation of this.

So Summer really is the right time for choose and have your radiators installed. Just a suggestion. If you'd like to give us a call, please feel free on 023 9269 6622 or email Alternatively give one of our sites a visit.

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